Kind of Peace

by Pat D & Lady Paradox

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released October 1, 2007

All tracks produced, mixed and arranged by Pat D



all rights reserved


Pat D & Lady Paradox Kingston Upon Hull, UK

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Perspectives
(Verse 1)
Let's take it three years back, or something near that. Steel city, mango blunts just to hear raps.
And pure relaxing, radio shows, before it all packed in, talking, laughing, brewing earl grey.
Put a smile on my face on the worst day.
In a blurred haze, sun blazed through the window.
Time seemed to stop and vinyl would spin slow.
As Dennis Brown would sing notes to our hearts content.
Why ain't your heart content?
Ever since I met you, your presence is a refuge.
It hurts me to think that you need to be rescued.
Cause life is a journey that you just gotta get through.
And I get you.
Your whole aura is beautiful.
It's crazy with you, like there's nothing to prove to you,
you're so true too, mind switches with the seconds.
You're so grateful when others wouldn't mention.

Stop, Stop,
Put it in perspective, life's negative when you're forgetting all the best bits.

Think, Think,
About your perspective, this cycle ain't endless, take your hurt and neglect it.

(Verse 2)
Your friendship, means the world to me.
I can't put into words what you're worth to me.
It's hurting me seeing you like this, like all of sudden you're just so lifeless.
Then your face lights up and you're back again.
Like your mask's away and you've passed the pain.
You don't have to expalin how you feel to me.
I see it in your eyes, it's so real to me.
I didn't mean to be distant.
I just couldn't see you hurt from this distance.
With you, I listen and I hear wisdom.
So don't be foolish cause life's for living.
And it's easy to say but blazing weed everyday has got you fading away.
And now I can't see your rays.
Please shine like you used to.
You still do but you need a new rhythm to move to.


(Verse 3)
You’re so talented. Don’t let that fade.
No matter what you’re going through, don’t let that change.
Cause days… months… years are a progression.
A hundred versions and a million lessons.
So when heaven seems out of your grasp.
Focus on the future and let go of the past.
Cause back when we first spoke you were care-free.
Or was that all an act in order not to scare me?
I’d barely spent much time in your company.
Then suddenly I thought you were just up and cutting me.
You should’ve trusted me from back then.
I’d have been there when you seemed scared.
You and me’s rare or it was last year.
And I know men don’t cry – they hold back tears.
But so you know you’re a blessing in the past its clear.
Nobody else can match you or in fact come near.

Track Name: Step Off
(Verse 1)
So it’s like this – call him number one, he’s like my niceness,
But 3… 2… 1…
Time’s up.
Hard to find us - I try but we lie and I touch you,
I lie just in case I can’t trust you,
And only put two x’s at the end of the letters in my text but
Recently its been more – and you see me more.
What’s me and you for?!
Like me and you talking,
Me & you nights and me & you mornings,
But me? I’m not falling and soon I’ll stop calling.
I keep saying that.
Then I get patience back and now I’m hating that.
And now I made a track – I said I wouldn’t,
But its all good – you’re not the one that I’m loving,
Just the one that I’m…
It seems sudden.
People asking me and my cheeks blushing.
You’re just one I keep pushing away,
But you’re the one that I speak to everyday,
And I’m treating you good so I better be safe.
If not, that’s cool. You’re not anything babes,
Just another moment and a memory fades.
And if I mention your name but can’t remember your face,
Maybe it just means we were better as mates,
Or maybe I should wait and just settle today.
But if I’m vexed then I’m stepping away.
Stepping away.


(Verse 2)
Maybe this is a phase like you’ll listen today
But tomorrow is different and my vision will change.
Interaction without you sitting in haze.
Maybe I’ll realise that I’m missing your face
Or maybe I’ll move on to a different place.
Maybe. Maybe I’m just thinking too hard.
You’re just a person – you can’t remove my scars.
Situations might move my heart, but the truth is barred.
The truth is – I’m not truthful.
Don’t ask me why…
But honestly – other guys – I just pass them by,
You can believe me or think that that’s a lie.
You know I’m stubborn. I don’t have to try
And we can last a night, maybe last a few days but…
I get tired of your ways – look
Whose calling, talking – sometimes I hate us,
Then you get my pulse-rate up
And we’re made up.
At times I try and break us.
Like in my mind – convincing myself that you’re not my type,
But if you’re not my guy then why’s that important?
Its all sorted.
I’m not falling.
Track Name: Dreams
Where does beauty lie? In blue skies and true times.
Memories collected and those remembered through life.
I’ve found that special new guy that’s just too nice
And its no longer one now cause two’s right.
I’m moved by moonlight – romance, white wine,
No plans – my time.
Bright skies and a beautiful scent.
When you can’t explain something but the music makes sense.
Moving against nothing cause everything’s great
And then the sun’s shining – its a heavenly state.
Resting till late and I swear there’s no tension today.
Peaceful – and I’m melting away.
Sounds of nature.
My spirit’s in tact – contact with the saviour
And later I’m sitting by a lake gleaming.
The silhouette of a sunset – picturesque evening.
But my vision’s interrupted.
It was all my dreaming.

Now I’m drifting away to a magnificent place
Where the rhythm is played and people listen till late
And there’s no politics – it’s a true civil state.
Where people actually care what you’re thinking today.
There’s no wishing today cause we’re living today.
The solar-system is made of all the superstars.
There’s no envy – hating who you are
And the music’s narrowed down to a truthful art.
And we’re rooms apart – there’s no world divides.
Every individual has the right to the life.
Feeling spiritual – stood here behind the mic,
There’s no designer Nikes – just the lines I write
And no 9 to 5s, and no universities.
Real music radio and I tune in as I please.
And just as I believe there’s no need for human grief.
I realise I’m sleeping and my wounds won’t be relieved.
Track Name: Tick of Time
(Verse 1) Lady Paradox
The end of October - the sun's down/ it’s the month that I come out bringing the good sound of love now/as i touch ground seeing much doubt - is it the season of believing? as I look round, November - time to cut down, too much pounds spent last year, now I’m back here seeing what i saw last year, reminiscing on past tears, and people seem to lack cheer, I’m in the atmosphere but everybody seems sad here, they hear my music and their moving but they act weird, another bad year, I’m on track – clear as to where I’m going, in motion and I’ve been chosen to open the Christmas moment, take a moment –in the charts trying settle hearts that have been frozen, spread my art but I’ve fixed no-one.

Im the music that moves you, soothes you, you think you choose me, the truth is i choose you, im in tune to everything you do, im the jazz, im the soul, im the blues too

im the music that moves you, soothes you, you think you choose me, the truth is i choose you, im in tune to everything you do, im the jazz, im the soul, im the blues too!

(Verse 2) Sam Sure
And my views stay slightly tainted by the system, hop trains up town and everybody's distant, spit a little wisdom, simple opinions, humble beginning's, blue sky and rhythm and inspiration, i stay basic creative, few tapes of breaks, tins of paint I'm forgettin' hatred, forever trying to keep my head up, i glide, you weak rappers strut but cant touch my inside, kind of peace state of mind, changing the tide, guide for the blind, that's my direction, you with me or step aside, feel alive, sick of life passin' me by like bizarre ride, far cry from living each day right but recently, speech has been peacefully easier, the blue sky, turns to sepia and then to black and as long as the mornings are glorious I'm a make tracks.
Track Name: Train Stations & Playstations
(Verse 1)
I put my all into this one special person,
But in the end it added up to too much hurting.
Cursing on the phone and threats that I’d desert him.
Our theatrical performance was no longer working,
So in the end I just had to close the curtains.
I’m certain things could’ve gone a better way.
But if they did who’s to say that he’d have never changed?
Anyway, I’m trying to find the ground from which I’ll levitate
But pressure weighs my mind and I’m back to square one.
Going round in circles and asking ‘wheres the care gone?’
I swear one thing I know is – you can only rely on yourself when you’re hopeless.
I know this now but now its too late.
If I knew this then I wouldn’t have made those mistakes.
But take the good with the bad.
And if the bad overtakes then remember what you had.


Because you were a part of me
And a part of you is still with me but its scarring me.
And a part of me sometimes asks – can’t we be?
But you apart from me.
Its true – I’d rather be.

(Verse 2)
Your eyes and mine – that was what love was
But somewhere down the line all the good got cut off.
Now hearing you rhyme has got me thinking what could’ve been
And how you should’ve seen that you were crushing me
But in the process you thought that you were loving me.
I would’ve been there for you – you only had to ask.
But now you’re sad cause all we had collapsed.
And now you made the crack a major gap,
Going crazy mad stating that you want your baby back.
I’m just a part of the puzzle in your hazy past
And yeah you made me laugh and times were so beautiful for a while.
I’d wait a whole damn month to see that station smile.


(Verse 3)
So now I’m here and its been two years but I’m
Still unclear – please break it down.
Its been so long – I can’t hate you now.
Hating how I’m back at the same song - the pain ain’t gone.
Asking mary-jane to make me strong.
And there’s tainted songs that I can’t even listen to.
Train stations, Playstations hold a bit of you.
And its crazy – I swear I wasn’t missing you.
Until you came back just to show me what kissing you felt like.
And it felt nice.
I should’ve stopped you first – cause when I got with him you got with her.
Its crazy – I feel lost on earth but when I’ve got your words I’m meant to be.
Its stupidity – he’s twice the man you’ll ever be.
Two times nicer and I know he’d never threaten me.
Never put me secondly – never ever stressing me the way you did.
What made you flip? What made you the way you are?
What made you make me like this?
I’ve hid from love like its virus
And now I’m always high look, just like we used to be.
Just another reminder of us – of you and me.
Track Name: Saw You Last Week
(Verse 1)
It’s the same - I wake up again, its raining,
Another day spent lazing, placing my thoughts on a blank page,
The same hand-shakes at the same church while the band plays the same verse
The sins man made are the same as they were on the last days,
Mine are yesterdays – I’m going back ways,
Saturday’s lost in the week,
Exams - got to repeat, but I don’t know what I want to be,
Writing’s a pain, it’s the same lot of beats, same Paradox speech, and honestly I just want to sleep,
It’s the same days, same late nights; eyes see the same sights,
Alarm rings - awake like there ain’t time,
It’s still dark but still cars shining brake lights,
Hip hop, breaks nights, same snakebite…
Same taxis, actually the same girls happy cause they’ve had speed,
And I swear I saw you last week?


(Verse 2)
It’s not the same – I wake up again, its changing,
Cause today I’ve not laid in, making my thoughts for a grand stage,
Exchange hand-shakes at a strange church and the band hates to rehearse,
The things man made start to change as women start to have say,
This ain’t yesterday and yeah the past fades,
Saturday’s lost in the week,
Exams not for me, and now I know what I want to be,
Writing amazed to a whole lot of beats, new Paradox speech, and honestly I don’t want to sleep,
Cos I make days, and I hate nights, eyes try to take sights,
Alarm rings – take flight don’t waste time,
It’s still dark but still hearts rhyming – take mine,
Hip hop, great lines, never same types,
Take your fancy - made happy actually cause I have me,
And you never saw me last week.
Track Name: Nightmares
Where does beauty lie? Not in this place.
Bombing and hate and we’re lost in a haze,
There’s no options today so we stop and we blaze.
Kids are brought up with no hope – unconsciously raised.
Other kids are unconscious – shot to the grave,
Where’s out conscience? Or does it not bother our ways?
And as honesty fades…
I realise nothing’s left.
Battlefields, school playgrounds
Blood is shed.
Little girls walk around looking upset.
Following their role models’ footsteps.
So they get a little older and they cook less,
Cause now they wanna weigh much less.
That’s their way to success.
And love’s wrecked nowadays.
Husbands and wives with a frown on their face.
Everything’s back to front and our ground is a waste.
Built with money in mind – no-one’s proud of this space.
A whole life could be saved with one hourly rate.

Now I’m drifting away to a horrible place
Where people are killing themselves just for honouring faith,
And others worship material – modelling makes.
I look around but it seems no-one’s stopping the hate,
We’re locked in our ways – I’m seeing no progress.
My heroes are dead – my inspirations flow less.
Everybody’s depressed. Feeling hopeless.
No-one to turn to.
You can’t trust anyone cause everybody hurts you.
Pursue your dreams – get left disillusioned.
We’re a standstill but yet everybody’s moving,
Crashing into one another – misdirected humans.
It seems life’s a big game – everybody is losing.
Aiming to be proving a point that don’t matter.
I turn on TV – a hundred bodies scattered.
Love is shown through violence – everything is backwards.
I never fell asleep so I can’t wake back up.
Track Name: When The Weather Fades
(Verse 1)
You know that feeling you get when you’re holding the mic
Sends shivers down your spine like the coldness at night,
It’s emotional like someone’s holding your sight,
And you’re looking back just for a moment in time,
I’m hopeless for rhyme, like it’s my first love,
It hurts touches inside – like a verse should,
It’s beautiful, hearing it, turning it up,
I said it’s my first I’m still learning to love,
Yearning to trust and not just step away,
But music talks more than what you’ll ever say,
I try and listen to fill in empty space
Sounds are my brightness when the weather fades,
I’ve never made this kind of bond that’s so real,
Its there for me 24/7 no deals,
Unsteady on my feet like wearing broke heels,
When I’m feeling down I’m bound – the flow heals,
As I grow – feel your warmth moving around,
No matter what I’m doing life echoes your sound,
Men seem to threaten but you never speak loud,
When you do – its still beautiful, not ugly and proud,
And its touching me how I want to be touched,
Talking in ways I’ve been craving so much,
And days are creative, not wasting so much,
I was broken – its seems that you’re making me up.


(Verse 2)
Music – the sound of my lovers name,
Remains sweet like sugar cane,
Carries me to safety over rough terrain,
And when it touches pain it all fades,
It remains placed in my world,
I break and I twirl – moved by the music true,
Holding space feels full next to losing you,
Some are abusing you – so take care,
My inspirations haven’t even made air….
Mainstream – it’s a long way there,
Out of place there?
So I stay where I’m secure,
Words – look around for more,
And the sounds my core,
That’s what I found it for,
Thinking how to store every feeling I have,
But I’m speaking on tracks instead of keeping it trapped,
And I appreciate that you’re always there for me,
Nowadays a constant is a rarity,
And I’m enjoying the tones that you share with me,
Where to be? Box room – speakers pumping,
Listen to the old stuff – teach me something,
Reach me once in a while,
Like wild style,
The first time I heard jehst and liked his style,
UK all the way – I’m a writer now,
Provide the sound - the background,
Train journeys - get the tracks down,
And look what we have now,
It’s kinda peaceful.
Track Name: Hip-Hop Quotables
( Verse 1) Logan
Everybody get sat down when grown man speaking or get cut like Samson sleeping, I'm peaking.
I think I'm on the verge of something got this dream where I murking something. I man slaughter like murders cousin.
I'm the go to guy and y'all know this, if I ain't on your mixtape the streets won't cop this.
Same cat that watch stocks and shares, the same cat that flow best this year, the best for years.
When the mixtape ain't sell as well as Sways or sell as well as Kanos boy you ain't Maino boy.
You need to get your damn bars together. We ain't enemies or friends so we can spar together ya feel.
That's when you come and find me i.e. when you come and find peace cos I summarise heat, until little Pete find a new peak, Ya mixtape don't leak, It damn near bleeds out.
Lo player, Say your prayer
the flow that starts wars the payload dere.
All they want is punchlines, sarcasm, I flow like a rape victim having an orgasm.
When my bars grow legs and kick the beat to a pulp tell ya kids infiltrate my cut that mai mai.


(Verse 2) Lady Paradox
So I bring it back like this is just to pass time,
This is just a pastime – me and Logan. Track’s nice!
I have my words, I got my speech.
Life is sweet – kind of peace.
Rhyme for weeks – sigh relief.
Lying weak on the floor and feel the world against me.
It climbs on my shoulder but it won’t break me.
So take me back to like ’87
To now – triple five soul, ladies denim.
This CD is my passion – passion makes me sell them.
Full of venom but its venomous love – it’s the paradox.
Shy like hiding in the nightlife – chatterbox.
I’m like trying to find my mind right at a cost.
Realise my mind’s not right – passed the plot.
What have I got?
Box-room, hot tunes – jazz, hip-hop, blues.
Me and Tommy – shots too.
Notts moves with me – stepping smooth and sweet.
Musically with the pride of a lion,
Eyes of a liar – hypa tyga.
Brighter than fire.
Anticipating detonate – get in late anyway.
Snakebite, late night – no better place!
Track Name: Escapism
(Verse 1) Lady Paradox
This is my escape,
And it takes me to a higher state
Makes me feel warm just like sitting by the fireplace
Ever since I tried the taste
Lying in a tired haze
Mind is spaced
Even during mornings, yeah I like to blaze
Days are my time to waste
I find my place
Everything is peaceful - it doesn’t feel right to change?
So why do I lie awake like gazing at a lion’s face?
Full of fear - I crave a brighter life and situate,
I miss the days where I could sit and think –alleviate
Relieve the pain the easy way – free from all uneasy weights
It seems we meet in vein,
Mary J and me today
I hate it when she’s been away; I just want to see her face
I need her taste and no I don’t believe in breathing space.
Need her to be beside me and entice me just to keep me sane,
But recently I ain’t been feeling the same,
But I’ll never give us up because I need her to maintain.

(Verse 2) Karizma
Let me address the issue, of the lady called Sess, my spliff boo, all my stresses I forget whenever I’m with you

My bredrens say that you’re a sket, and that I should diss you, cos a threesomes with that cigarette, but that’s why I picked you

Green eyes, but not the jealous type, love when I twist you, and poke my roach up in ya hole, hold ya close and kiss you

Grip u, I let u know ur body smoking, blissful from emotion you can make laugh or cry I drip 2,

Tears from my eye, at times, minds reverse of crystal clear, foggy minded got me blinded to what is truth

Is that a good or a bad ting, dud or a brap ting, our relationships as flaked as the paper u wrapped in

Meditation is happening, levitating my mind state, never change how u acting, cos the feeling is quite great

On a night it’s seven I’m blazing, like Henry the eight with seven wives, with a Henry the eighth, Cos u r my escape……

(Hook) Selone
I’m in my own world
And not the least bit concerned
Nor do I want to learn about life
Escape with me
If only you’d see
Just what euphoria does mean
Then maybe you would heed this call
Escape baby


Some many ways
To escape today
Often blaze the day away
Feel free out there
Relieve all my fear
Problems seem to disappear
This temporary high
Keeps me smiling for a while
I reach a place of peace
Wish I never had to leave
Track Name: Train Of Thought
(Verse 1)
Its my train of thought – trying to bring it back to the basic talk,
Breath is precious – what do I waste it for?
I’ve not moving – you’re making yours,
I’m losing, I want to take the floor and stay some more,
Cause life’s too short – its gone in an instant.
I swear yesterday we were chilling as children,
Just little and screaming – now I’m sitting in buildings,
Trying to figure the meaning of the millionth feeling I’ve felt this week.
My voice-box is dead.
I need help to speak.
Tell the beat – cause you couldn’t care less.
I want my home-town, I know where’s best,
I flow there best. I’m nowhere – check my surroundings,
Student housing, booze I’m downing,
Its an easy life – eating food and lounging,
But I’m moody and frowning.
Under the weather – wondering whether
This cd’s gonna sell so I’m looking to better…

My train of thought – trying to bring it back to the basic talk,
Breath is precious – what do I waste it for?
I’ve not moving – you’re making yours,
I’m losing, I want to take the floor.
Take the floor

(Verse 2)
Looking back on the moments that passed it seems im growing too fast,
looking forward to what im hoping to have feeling hopeless and sad,
like nothings going my way and im flowing all day but nothing flows right,
it used to be so nice now its cold nights, nobody to hold tight and i know i shoulnt moan right,
just wish that i would have froze time, now its ghost lines cos nobody knows mine,
i guess i'll make it in my own time,
i throw pride out the window, lifes a gamble like bingo,
i got my hope back think im gonna win so like an intro this is just the start,
cos real passion dont fade and its touched my heart, my kind of peace and i love this art,
like the moment i heard music it just took my arm and guided me to this place where i must be calm.....


(Verse 3)
I guess I’m here – bringing it back right?
A degree by my side, yet I still gotta have time.
Forget the bad times cause this is a good one.
Got people coming up to me saying they ‘love songs’,
I used to trust one but now its two,
Cause without Pat D my KIND OF PEACE ain’t true,
I paint blue skies – true times,
Sit here – choose rhymes.
Move right – life’s too nice. Yaris – cruise by,
And who am i? who are you? Who is anybody?
I’m just a girl next door with a different hobby,
I got me – that’s all I need,
More of these good times, shelter morning breeze.
I’m attached to nobody – I’m performing free,
I’m addicted to nothing and I’m bored of weed,
Sick of arguments & fighting, I’m storing peace,
Positivity is rising – no storing please!
Track Name: Summertime
(Verse 1)
To be found in your light with your summer scent,
Such content, still outside and its touching ten,
Orange moon, sitting under a lover’s den,
Barbecues, sound systems, we’re looking Zen,
All shining and clear skies,
The one that clears minds
My atmosphere’s kind with all you bring
Like ice cream, white tees,
James Brown - nice beats,
Bright trees shade away from your heat blaze,
The sweet taste of the season on replay,
You’ve been gone a whole year but you’re back,
And when you disappear I’ll be wanting you back,
Melted chocolate & jazz tracks, Fosters and black jack
Got to relax in the path of your sun rays
These are the good days…
Feeling your warmth is like being reborn and I’m
Seeing you more at night keeping it short
Cos its summertime.

There ain’t a cloud in the sky, I’m on cloud nine
I found my summertime

(Verse 2)
Making it nice with the champagne on ice,
Everything looks better so I take in the sights,
Memories I treasure like racing our bikes,
1995- we weren’t wasting our time
1999- We were taking the shine
I picture the scene; we were kids with a dream,
Not a weight on our shoulders, throwing sticks in the stream,
And as I’m getting older it still brings me the peace,
Not blinking to sleep cause I’m thinking of these
Times, sweet nights seem right,
No need for streetlights,
Its water freeze fights,
Late in the evening, I’m patiently dreaming
Then waking and breathing,
Tasting the season, a place of luxury
It’s true it’s touching me
The sun is out, so is love – looking round,
We’re all up no-ones down, cheering up for your glow now
I guess Its summertime.
Track Name: Outro